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On March 31, 2013, hundreds of Coptic Orphans volunteers, along with key staff, met with His Holiness Pope Tawadros II at St. Mark’s Coptic Orthodox Cathedral in Cairo. Here is His Holiness’ evaluation of Coptic Orphans based on personal involvement with the organization as a diocesian bishop.

Here’s a highlight of what His Holiness said:

The ministry of Coptic Orphans is a good and outstanding example of a ministry with specific characteristics: Administratively, it’s excellent. Ten out of ten. From the Practicality angle, and perceiving people’s unique needs, ten out of ten. As for Sustainability–the sustainability of the ministry–not just sustainability, but sustainability and growth: as we heard, we’re celebrating 25 years since the founding of Coptic Orphans–meaning, the silver jubilee–serving 30,000 children through the service of 400 volunteer [Reps] like yourselves, and the administrative staff in more than one place around the world …it’s a good management model. I hope all our Church bodies can emulate and follow.