Covid — the biggest crisis of our lifetime — is hitting Egypt hard. Millions of children are at increasing risk of malnutrition, poverty, and disease.
You can bring safety and security to a child in crisis. Please sponsor today!

We deliver much more than disaster relief in this crisis – we provide disaster resilience.

You may be used to seeing disaster relief arrive in the form of trucks unloading supplies.

Disaster resilience – what Coptic Orphans delivers with your generous gift – is different, especially during this once-in-a-lifetime covid crisis.

To protect the children, Coptic Orphans is delivering a three-month emergency food advance, urgent medical care, trauma and mental health support, hygiene products and training, emergency access to online learning, and other necessities.

What makes Coptic Orphans’ work so different – and so suited for preparing families in Egypt to be resilient in the face of disaster – is that our specially trained Church-based volunteers already know each family we serve. We’ve worked with them to overcome many challenges, and share the goal of their long-term independence, dignity, and development.

Coptic Orphans has launched an all-out response to COVID-19. Learn more about the protection the children are receiving in their hour of greatest need!

Coptic Orphans has launched an all-out response to COVID-19. Learn more about the protection the children are receiving in their hour of greatest need!

30 years of Coptic Orphans’ disaster resilience work for the children:

6,965 Hygiene Kits Distributed

122 Medical Professionals Educated

1,272 Health Workshops Held

2,055 Urgent Medical Cases Covered

65,000 children’s lives transformed

Working in 700 villages across Egypt

60 dioceses in Egypt include Coptic Orphans in their services

250 widows have started businesses using Coptic Orphans microloans

550 Church-based volunteers mentor the children in their own homes

Integrity | Spirit of Service | Excellence

Accountability & Transparency

“As we thank the Lord for this blessed service, we would also like to thank everyone who supports you in implementing these activities and programs in the field of education, which is the key solution for the developmental and social problems in Egypt, and for developing good citizens for their country and Church. May the Lord bless this vibrant service and reward you! With our love for the management and the staff and all the volunteers!”

His Holiness Pope Tawadros II, June 16, 2017

“Congratulations on achieving a Platinum level GuideStar Nonprofit Profile. This is the highest level of recognition offered by GuideStar and is a testament to your organization’s commitment to transparency.” – Team Guidestar, March 24, 2020

Only 3% of the charities we evaluate have received at least 10 consecutive 4-star evaluations, indicating that Coptic Orphans outperforms most other charities in America.” – Charity Navigator, December 23, 2020


 “This badge allows you to share with the world that your organization has been vetted as one of the Top-Ranked organizations on GlobalGiving.”-  GlobalGiving Team, January 1, 2019


How You Can Change a Child’s Life


Across Egypt there are thousands of orphaned boys and girls who are waiting for just one caring adult to unlock their God-given talents. You can be that person and share in the great blessing of changing lives by giving to support the children’s education and mentoring today!


By God’s grace, you can give a fatherless Coptic child both hope and access to a quality education that can change their life forever!  By sponsoring an orphaned boy or girl in an impoverished Egyptian community, you ensure that a Church-based mentor and advocate will fight for their rights, teach them healthy life skills, and plan for their success in education.


By dedicating your birthday, baptism, or wedding to helping the fatherless children in Egypt, you make it possible for these boys and girls to develop the life skills they need to overcome threats like disease, hunger, FGM, and discrimination.


Urgent Needs
You can give to meet the Urgent Needs of Coptic families who face devastating crises! Whether it’s a medical emergency that needs a doctor’s attention, a house in need of immediate repair to keep out the cold rain, or a new front door to keep a family safe, you can be the person whose generosity changes and even saves lives!

Urgent Needs

Your prayers for the children and their families are a vital part of ensuring their happiness, safety, and success in life! Please add your voice to the rest of the Coptic Orphans family, as we thank our Lord for the countless blessings our boys and girls are receiving, and pray for their protection.


Church Presentation
You can connect more Christians to the orphaned Coptic children of Egypt! Simply let us know that you’d be interested in arranging a presentation on Coptic Orphans’ work at your church, and we will provide your fellow congregants with a lively look at how they can help protect and support their fellow Christians close to the Holy Land!

Church Presentation

Volunteer in Egypt
The goal of Serve to Learn is to connect the Coptic diaspora, especially the youth, to Egypt and the Church, by providing volunteers and children with a loving, mutually transforming experience based on quality education and mentoring. Click here to apply to the upcoming Serve to Learn trip.


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