Not Alone 

Program Impact

83 students with prestigious scholarships

100% of our children enrolled in school

Working in 850 villages across Egypt

When a family goes through the tragic loss of the father—the breadwinner—devastation follows.

In many cases, the widowed mother lacks the education and financial security to care for her children. Boys take up dangerous jobs at a young age to try and provide in place of his father; girls are married off young to relieve her family of yet another mouth to feed.

Some mothers are forced to take their children to the nearest orphanage to ensure that the children’s basic needs are met. With the loss of the family breadwinner comes the loss of support and security.

Through the Not Alone Program, Coptic Orphans becomes that security.

Through Not Alone, you can change the life of an orphaned Coptic child by making it possible for them to stay in school, lift themselves out of poverty, and succeed long-term. The goal of Not Alone is to provide each child with access to the very best education, nurture the spirit of volunteerism, and develop a well-rounded character so they can break the cycle of poverty, live fulfilling lives, and one day change their communities and Egypt.

Children enrolled in Not Alone are three times more likely to complete their secondary education than their average Egyptian peers. What makes Coptic Orphans unique is that we strive towards the development of all parts of the child, including character, physical and mental health, as well as service-orientation by nurturing the child’s spirit. We work closely with Church servants, our field staff in Egypt, and the Clergy. We also value your love, prayers, and support.

Not Alone builds a loving relationship between the  sponsor and child, in recognition that we are all One Body in Christ. Sponsors’ prayers, letters, and other encouragement boost the child’s happiness and self-confidence, helping them to grow up to be healthy, well-rounded people and community leaders.

All it takes is the support of one caring adult like you to enable a specially trained Church-based volunteer to visit the child at home regularly, making sure that basic needs are met, planning the child’s quality education, and mentoring them wherever they need guidance.

Not Alone students are winning prestigious scholarships for higher education. At times the number of scholarship winners has even doubled from year to year! This comes as an important result of your giving, which has prepared Not Alone scholarship candidates with private lessons, study skills workshops, coaching on applications, and constant mentoring and encouragement.

Our young scholarship winners, from some of Egypt’s poorest Coptic communities, are receiving full financial support to enroll in top universities like the American University in Cairo and the British University. When you donate to Not Alone, you are helping even more fatherless Copts to rise from the most destitute communities to the best universities. By contributing to Not Alone, you are providing more than short term urgent care. You are equipping them with the resilience and education they’ll need to succeed in the long term.

The most important way you can make a difference is to sponsor a child. This ensures a fatherless child makes it throughout the length of their educational career and succeeds in the future! You can also donate to Not Alone, and your generous gift will help support the many children who are not fortunate enough to have loving sponsors to encourage their education.

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