Make a Difference for the Children!

Your love, prayers, and support can change the life of a fatherless Christian child forever! Here are some of the many ways you can be part of transforming their lives, and, through God’s grace, be transformed yourself!


When you support a fatherless Coptic child in Egypt, you’re making sure they can stay with their family and out of an orphanage….

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Donate to the children

Through Not Alone, you can change the life of an orphaned Coptic child by making it possible for them to stay in school, lift ….

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Volunteer in Egypt

Serve to Learn is a unique opportunity to volunteer in Egypt for three weeks, build loving bonds with children there, serve people in …

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Give a Laptop

This back-to-school season, you can be the reason Coptic Orphans children don’t fall behind in online coursework!

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Leave a Legacy for the Children

Legacy gifts to Coptic Orphans can have a tremendous impact. Coptic Orphans’ education-focused programs provide Egypt’s …



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Pray for the Children

The most important way you can make a difference for the fatherless boys and girls who are served by Coptic Orphans is to pray for …

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Meet the Children’s Urgent Needs

Here is a chance for you to directly impact the future of a fatherless child and their family in Egypt, in their hour of greatest need !

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Dedicate an Event to the Children

On some of the most important occasions of your life, consider what a great blessing it would be if your joy and generosity spilled …

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Volunteer at One of Our Country Offices

One of the most important ways you can support the work of Coptic Orphans is to volunteer!

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