Sponsor a Child

“Sponsoring a child has been an incredible blessing. Sharing prayers with Marina and watching her grow up has changed my life.”

—Michael, Marina’s sponsor since 2010


In Egypt, things are rapidly getting worse. More and more people are falling ill, hospitals are overflowing, and widowed mothers face soaring food prices while trying to feed their children.

Threatened by lack of access to medical care, malnutrition, and other traumas inflicted by the pandemic, these children’s lives are on the line. They have never needed your help more.

You can be a bright light in this spreading darkness. In over 700 village across Egypt, Coptic Orphans is mounting a comprehensive response to COVID-19 to ensure the children make it through this disaster.

But we can’t do it alone!

The most important step you can take for the children today is to become a sponsor. Your monthly gift of $60 will ensure your sponsored child receives Coptic Orphans’ all-out emergency response, including:

  • three-month emergency advance for food and other critical expenses
  • urgent medical care
  • protective masks, hygiene kits, and training
  • trauma and mental health support

But your sponsorship can mean far more than short-term survival for a fatherless child in Egypt. Your sponsorship ensures that, long-term, they can stay with their family and out of an orphanage. You’re offering them prayers, encouragement, and love, and you can give them hope that will last a lifetime.

Your child will receive regular support from a specially trained Church-based volunteer who serves as their personal mentor and advocate. Through this volunteer, your child gains access to literacy tutoring and life-skills workshops, and to basic rights such as food, clothing, shelter, and school supplies. The support your love provides will serve the cause of improving your child’s education, bringing out their strengths and talents, and equipping them to break the cycle of poverty.

Please make a vulnerable Coptic child part of your family. Your love and support can help your sponsored child make it through COVID-19, unlock their God-given potential, and transform their life.

Please sponsor today!

Yes! I want to be part of this blessing by sponsoring a fatherless child!

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