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is impossible for our God… as I was reminded by a story I heard in Egypt this summer.

A young woman in our program, Mary, fell two stories while hanging out laundry on a line high above the street. Her spine broke, leaving her bed-bound and in agonizing pain. The tragedy and medical expenses were a heavy burden for her widowed mother. Making matters worse, Mary’s fiancé began backing out of their marriage.

We helped pay for Mary’s badly needed surgery, as did her abouna. Her church-based Coptic Orphans volunteer “Rep,” Michael, also contributed a large amount out of his own pocket. It was a truly communal effort, including great support form Mary’s sponsor, and by God’s grace, the surgery helped her begin recovering.

When one of the plates in Mary’s back broke, requiring more surgery, Michael described her suffering to us. “We’ll send whatever you need,” was our response. Meanwhile, Michael began talking to the local police department. He found Mary’s fiancé a job that would ensure a stable family life, and this helped restore her marriage plans.

As this Christmas approaches, Mary has a lot to celebrate… she’s walking again, married, and Michael reports that she is happy! Truly, our God works miracles.

*Names and details changed to protect the privacy of the family