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14-Year-Old Abanoub Shot in the Back by Pro-Morsi Supporters

Children Terrorized in Violence-Stricken Egypt

Washington D.C., August 16, 2013 – Recent tragic and organized acts of violence against the Christians of Egypt will be remembered by many generations to come. The harm inflicted on Copts far exceeds the torching and looting of churches, some of which are historic dating back to the fourth century. Acts of violence meted out against unarmed villagers has terrorized little children.  Scores of children in Minia and Beni Suef are traumatized after witnessing attacks in their own villages.

In Bani Mazar, Minia 14-year-old Abanoub was shot in the back. He sustained shrapnel wounds in the head and legs. In Diyabia, Beni Suef Coptic Orphans’ volunteer was hospitalized after being attacked by 15 armed assailants while trying to save his sister and disabled nephew.

Coptic Orphans condemns the intimidation and all acts of violence against Copts and children. We call for unity and remain committed to building Egypt’s future. We are confident that Egypt will come out of this current crisis and back on track towards a country of stability and tolerance.

Coptic Orphans is an award-winning international development organization that unlocks the full potential of disadvantaged children in Egypt, and so equips them to break the cycle of poverty and become change-makers in their communities. Since the founding of the organization in 1988, Coptic Orphans has transformed the lives of over 30,000 children in Egypt.