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Fady Cropped

Meet Fady. He’s going to be baptized soon.

I just arrived in Egypt. Not long after my plane touched down, I received an email with this quote:

“Coptic Orphans has always been near and dear to our hearts. We admire the work of Coptic Orphans and in our small way, we look for opportunities to partake in this blessing. We want to raise our children with a spirit of giving. While Fady is still too young to have any idea what’s happening, we hope that in the future we can show him by example what a blessing it is to give others. We chose to give a donation in lieu of a favor for our son’s baptism because we think it’s a great opportunity to introduce a wonderful cause to our guests and we simply love the work of Coptic Orphans.”

I love what this says about the people who have Egypt and the children in their heart. We all like to think our children will have the best things in life: a great education, a happy career, a wonderful family. I can tell that Fady’s parents want all of those things for him. And more — enormous, important things that are at the heart of our Coptic life: a love for his sisters and brothers in Christ, compassion for those in need, and generosity.

It makes a huge difference when people act in this way, choosing to support Egypt’s families out of the bounty God has given them. Choices like this have allowed us to serve and empower 30,000 children, making sure they are better housed, fed, educated, and above all treated with love and respect.

It’s incredible, and… well, I don’t know what else to say, except a huge “thank you” to Fady and his parents. I promise we’ll do our best to see that every child we can reach in Egypt has the kind of love you’re giving to your own child.


PS I changed Fady’s name to protect his privacy (it’s too early for him to become a celebrity). His photo and the quote are used with permission from his family, of course.