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Alice Hanna, a longtime supporter and sponsor with Coptic Orphans, shared the poem below to express her sense of God’s protection and care over the flock of Egypt after the events of Maspero. 


Come to Me, O, you,

Martyrs of the Persecuted Church of Egypt,

And dwell with Me

In the place that I prepared for you!

I heard the voice of your innocent blood

Coming up… crying loud to Me!

Rest in peace, O My people;

I will never leave you

Nor forsake you!


Out of love you came down to the streets

To stand up peacefully for your beliefs!

Bearing the cross with Me,

Defending My Church

Against My enemy!


I saw how they secretly plotted against you,

No! Against Me!

I know their ways,

How they hit and run quickly

To hide back in their hovels!

Because you see,

You know a tree from its own fruits!


O you, My hurting people!

Cast all your sorrow and burden on Me!

Do not be troubled!

I will give you strength

To overcome your pain!

And the blood shed for My sake

Will never, never go in vain!


Be strong, My flock,

And stay undivided!

Fear Not! For I promise you,

There is nothing covered

That will not be revealed,

And hidden that will not be known!

And the mustard seed

That you have planted

Will grow to become a strong tree

Where birds will rest in peace

In its branches!



Be still and know that I am God!