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Photo by Robin Wyatt

Photo by Robin Wyatt

Under the current Islamic government God extended His mighty hand and Coptic Orphans is now a registered international organization in Egypt.

Acting on God’s calling to “Bring justice to the fatherless, plead the widow’s cause.” we started serving the fatherless and widows of Egypt over two decades ago. The growing needs of Egypt and the expanded scale of our services prompted us to seek registration.

So in June of 2005, Coptic Orphans applied for registration. The laws governing this process back then were quite vague and restricting to any development or relief work.

We knocked on all doors and pursued every legal way possible to expedite the process, but nothing worked. As a matter of fact, I remember during one of the many meetings I had with Egypt government officials, back in Mubarak’s era, a senior official blurted: “You can forget about legal status in Egypt with a name like Coptic Orphans!”

I thought to myself leaving the meeting: “Nothing is impossible with God. He can open wide this shut door.”

We were all determined not to stop until God wills it. Coptic Orphans continued fulfilling its commitment to the children and being there for them. Homes were renovated, tutoring provided, and needs met all with the same passion we started out with. Our 400 volunteer Reps throughout Egypt were as determined to serve as we were. All did their part while believing there must be a miracle in the works.

Little did we know that in February 2013, the miracle was about to unfold. God granted Coptic Orphans legal status in Egypt despite the rule of Islamists.

As I bring you this marvelous news, I also want to thank you as sponsors and donors, on behalf of the 27,000 children served by Coptic Orphans. Your steadfast support and prayers for the fatherless children and widows in Egypt comes before our heavenly Father as a sweet and pleasant aroma.