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As this year’s gala, we were so happy to honor and celebrate the “Good and Faithful Servants” in our community, like Dr. Andrew Abraham and Dr. Raymond Schinazi. So, in celebration and gratitude, I’d like to share photos from the gala and invite you to share them with your friends and anyone who couldn’t attend.

Most importantly, thanks to you, we were able to get 52 children sponsored! These children, who have at least one parent who has suffered or died of Hep C, will be so grateful to begin a personal connection with their new sponsors.

In total, we raised $178,000 which will go to the over 600 Not Alone children who have lost a parent or both parents due to Hepatitis C.

We would not have been able to do this without your generous and continued support!

Thank you for helping us tell this story — the story of good and faithful servants like you.

May God continue to bless your kindness and faithfulness to His children.

One Body in Christ,

Nermien Riad
Founder and Executive Director of Coptic Orphans