COVID-19 Crisis: The Comprehensive Coptic Orphans Response

As the latest reports come in, the picture in Egypt is becoming clearer: Mothers are starting to fall ill, hospitals are overflowing, and the COVID-19 crisis in Egypt is growing faster than expected.

Cases are spiking, and we have only a short time to prepare our families for a surge in the pandemic. The crisis is already devastating the future health, financial stability, and education of our fatherless children.

The widespread panic caused by the virus has led to skyrocketing prices and shortages of food, not to mention critically needed soap and cleaning supplies. The most vulnerable in society are often the first to be crushed by scarce resources.

This is the moment the children need you most. Please join the all-out effort against coronavirus.

Your support will supply families with life-saving essentials as part of Coptic Orphan’s comprehensive coronavirus response:

  • three-month emergency advance for food and other critical expenses
  • urgent medical care
  • protective masks, hygiene kits, and training
  • trauma and mental health support

Please give generously today. With your help, Coptic Orphans can gather the urgently needed funds in time to push back the disaster hanging over the families. You can make the difference in this all-out effort to protect the children from COVID-19!

I want to:

To ensure they receive long-term support, for this COVID-19 emergency and beyond.

To support Coptic Orphans’ all-out response to COVID-19.