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We are now debuting this blog.  It will be more than just news. It will have the kind of behind-the-scenes, personal perspectives on our work that you just can’t get in newsletters and email.

I’m excited about it above all because it will engage with the issues most important to the cause of the fatherless and widow in Egypt.

Here is a preview of a few upcoming posts:

  • Some striking statistics on orphanages, and why we take a different approach to the cause of the orphan.
  • Stories from Serve to Learn volunteers
  • A volunteer “Rep” in the field reflects on a brave boy’s stand at exam time, and the kind of witness our times in Egypt demand.
  • What has the January 25 Revolution in Egypt changed for Coptic Orphans? There are some surprising stories about that.
  • Some Coptic bishops in Egypt have been looking to Coptic Orphans’ volunteer “Reps” to fill the ranks of the priesthood. Who and why?
If you’ve found this blog before we’ve even launched, maybe you’re already looking for these kinds of information and analysis. What do you want to see? Leave a comment below.