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Magy Mekhail takes a perfect selfie with her class and Abouna Maximos.

Dear Friends,
I’ve traveled all over Egypt, but every time I visit an Upper Egyptian village I’m still amazed at the simplicity, generosity, and hospitality I find there. So in the interview below, when Serve to Learn volunteer Magy Mekhail says she learned the “definition of gratefulness” from the people of Matay in Upper Egypt, I believe her. Serve to Learn is a three-week service trip in Egypt where you teach, play, and love the world’s greatest kids! Come to Egypt and find out what these kids can teach you. Applications for the Jan. 22 – Feb. 13 trip are being accepted until Nov. 15.
— Nermien


For you, what was the most moving or life-changing part of Serve to Learn?

How grateful people are. In the midst of all their hardships and struggles they are so thankful and hospitable. They just want to invite us in and feed us because they are so happy we visited — they taught me the definition of gratefulness.

Did Serve to Learn deepen your understanding of Egypt and your roots? 

Yes, I understood the culture better, why people act a certain way. It just added to my Coptic pride 🙂

Given the chance, what would you have done more of during the program?

I would have done more home visits and visited my kids (from my class) more than once.

What advice would you give anyone considering applying for Serve to Learn?

Talk with your partner and plan materials ahead of time. Don’t worry about accommodations or comfort or whatever because all that doesn’t matter when you are with your kids.


Interested in learning more about Serve to Learn? Check out our video, which gives a snapshot of the program! 

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Any questions you’d like to ask a real human being? Call or email Mira Fouad, who runs Serve to Learn, at 703-641-8910 or at