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We all have been following closely news coming out of Egypt as the situation there continues to unravel. Volunteer Reps are finding it more challenging than ever to continue their visits to the children. As a matter of fact, one of them shared: “We have to be cautious during visits. Even carrying a small pile of papers to a Christian household can attract unwarranted suspicions.”

Intimidation of Christians in some villages has been on the rise. A staff member shared that in Minia, “Islamist gang members have singled out Christian houses by painting an X mark on the walls.” It’s not clear if this is just intimidation or the first step in a plan of continued violence.

Despite some very close calls, we can report to you that all of our children, Reps, and staff are safe. You may have heard of the drive-by shooting targeting the church in Port Said.  Thankfully, our volunteer, Martha, had just left the church 10 minutes prior.

We are confident that Egypt will come out of this current crisis and back on track towards a country of stability and tolerance.  It’s up to each one of us to support those who are facing these tremendous challenges.

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