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Dear Friends,

As this summer comes to an end, I’m moved to share with you a story from Serve to Learn 2016 volunteer Gina Masoud. This story is part of the “A picture is worth 1000 words” series where we ask volunteers to pick an image from their trip that represents a powerful moment, and to share why it’s important. Gina chose to tell a story about the power of love and kindness, and that’s a story to get us through the winter. 

Serve to Learn is a three-week service trip for youth from all over the world to teach kids in Upper Egyptian villages through a variety of fun games and activities. The next Serve to Learn trip will be Jan. 21-Feb. 11, 2017. Applications for this trip are due October 15.

— Nermien

Who’s in this photo?

Myself, Julie, Mina, Lydia, Miryam and Merna,  and a child’s sister, Ereny.

Where was it taken?

In Ereny’s home during a home visit.

What’s happening in the photo?

We were originally going to visit another girl, Youstina, who was in my high school class. When we walked in, we saw that she had a sister who had suffered from bad burns to her face. She didn’t want to come sit in the same room as us, even though she wanted to. She stood by the doorway to the living room. The group quickly realized we were there for her. We gave her the most attention. We showed her love and said words to her I’m sure she hadn’t heard since the accident. By the end of the visit, which was only 45 minutes, she had changed from the girl who wouldn’t sit with us, to the one who waved to our bus as we were driving away. She spent the rest of the visit with the group and enjoyed herself.

How did you feel when it was taken?

So happy. In a few minutes, with a few kids, a few words, and a lot of hugs, we changed how a person felt about themselves.

Why do you want to remember this moment?

To remind myself that even though it may seem like the effects of our actions are a single drop in the ocean, that drop was an entire ocean for one person.

If you could help people understand one thing with this photo, what would it be?

Never underestimate the genuine power of love and kindness.

*Names of our children are changed in order to maintain their privacy.

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