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Every day here at Coptic Orphans, I am reminded of the fact that God’s blessings come in every  form, shape, and size. A beautiful blessing arrived in our Sydney office the other day in the form of a child’s piggy bank in the shape of an Australian Football League football. 

For years two children of a Coptic Orphans supporter dropped various coins—20 cents with a platypus, a dollar with its kangaroos, plus many others—into their football bank. These two lost their father when just children, and they experienced a difficult childhood while their mother struggled to make ends meet. Year in and year out, money from their allowances, from doing chores for neighbors, from summer jobs—a childhood of earnings and memories—went into their football bank. They originally planned to give the money they saved to their mother and to help the family. Their mother told them that it was their money to keep and spend.

This industrious duo—who asked to remain anonymous—are now grown, have recently become independent, and are starting careers. When they were home with their family over the holidays, they remembered their hefty little piggy bank. Thinking of the children in Egypt who have lost their fathers, they decided to donate their childhood savings to Coptic Orphans with the hope that the blessings of their childhoods will bless a child in Egypt.

My thanks to these two for such a beautiful and generous gesture, one that reminds us that every gift is so very precious regardless of its form, shape, and size.