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charity navigator 4 starI’m writing today with good news: Coptic Orphans’ sound fiscal management practices and commitment to accountability and transparency have earned us a 4-star rating from Charity Navigator, America’s largest independent charity evaluator.

This is the fourth consecutive time that Coptic Orphans has earned this top distinction.

Charity Navigator’s decision to award us these four stars, four times in a row, shows that we deeply value your contributions, and that we use them carefully and transparently.

We’re committed to being the organization where donors can have the most impact in Egypt for every dollar they donate. Because of that, we hold ourselves to rigorous standards of financial management that have earned this 4-star rating.

This is all part of our efforts to be a model of wise financial stewardship. Among other measures, we make sure we’re audited by an independent auditor every year, and we work efficiently so that 90 cents of every dollar contributed goes directly to serving the children of Egypt.

If you’re curious, here’s how Charity Navigator arrived at its rating:

Since 2002, using objective, data-driven analysis, Charity Navigator has awarded only the most fiscally responsible organizations a 4-star rating. In 2011, Charity Navigator added 17 metrics, focused on governance and ethical practices as well as measures of openness, to its ratings methodology. These “Accountability & Transparency” metrics, which account for 50 percent of a charity’s overall rating, reveal which charities have “best practices” that minimize the chance of unethical activities and whether they freely share basic information about their organization with their donors and other stakeholders.

It’s important that our donors trust that we’re using our funding wisely to accomplish Coptic Orphans’ mission for the kids. The 4-star rating demonstrates that we take our fiduciary and governance responsibilities very seriously.

Here’s what Tim Gamory, COO of Charity Navigator, tells us about the significance of this rating: “Coptic Orphans’ coveted 4-star rating puts it in a very select group of high-performing charities. Out of the thousands of nonprofits Charity Navigator evaluates, only one out of four earns 4 stars — a rating that demands rigor, responsibility and commitment to openness. Coptic Orphans’ supporters should feel much more confident that their hard-earned dollars are being used efficiently and responsibly when it acquires such a high rating.”

I think it’s pretty exciting to get this independent confirmation that we’re on the right track. God willing, we’re going to keep it up. Thanks to everyone who partners with us in supporting, loving, and praying for the kids.

If you want to learn more about Coptic Orphans’ rating, or you’d like to read about Charity Navigator, you can find that information at