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Dear Friends,
It’s always a huge source of encouragement when someone spontaneously dedicates a sponsored run or similar event to Coptic Orphans. So it was great to hear from Andero Morgos, our friend in the UK, that he was taking part in the Nov. 15 Vitality WestRun London 10k. We’re grateful for his love for the children of Egypt… and I managed to catch up with him for the interview below!
— Nermien

PS Please support Andero’s commitment to the kids by making a contribution to his Indiegogo campaign!


What convinced you to run the Vitality WestRun London 10k in support of Coptic Orphans?

I have previously done four 5k, a 10k and a 1-half marathon run for local charities and one major charity being Cancer Research UK. At the moment the plan is to run alone, but I’m trying to get friends involved as I previously have done.

How long have you been training for this event, and how?

I run regularly and always try and keep fit but have been pushing myself in the last 3-4 weeks in training for this run and to keep up with my previous finishing times.

What experiences have you had in Egypt or elsewhere that make you want to connect your life with the lives of kids in Egypt?

I’ve seen and heard of a lot of the work that Coptic Orphans does and have always been interested in serving. I have done this before in Kenya and in Egypt with a charity that is based in my church at St. Mary and St. Abraam Orthodox Church in Brighton, England called A.C.T.I.O.N ( “Act Charitably Towards Incapable Other Nations”) and decided by the Grace of God I’d like to support this charity in a way that I can and enjoy and that is by dedicating a sponsored run to this charity.

What advice would you give to someone thinking about doing what you’re doing?

GO FOR IT! Don’t hesitate and push yourself to do it! Easier said than done, but going by the verse which said “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me,” never let anyone hold you back or make you doubt your abilities. It could be your first run or one in many but always keep the thought that you are doing this for a purpose and as a service to people who aren’t as fortunate you.