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I’m excited to tell you about a rare opportunity to double your impact in Egypt this coming year.

You might have heard that over the last few years, more and more of our children have gotten covered with high quality health insurance.

This is great news, because children from the poorest villages in Egypt are accustomed to sharing their home with livestock and always being sick. Some have life-threatening illnesses way beyond their family’s means to treat.

But there’s more.

You might also know that Dr. Virginia Youssef of Royal Care, International had very generously announced earlier this year that she intends to expand health insurance coverage to every single one of our participants.

Now, I’ve got even better news for you.

Dr. Youssef has offered to cover up to 2,000 more children for 2013 if our supporters, donors and sponsors like you, also step up to help.

She will enroll an additional child in health insurance–as many years as they are in our programs–for every $250 that donors like you contribute.

You can give more than $250. You can give less than $250. But together, let’s reach all 2,000 children.

Please donate today. Her offer only stands until January 7.