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Copts hold candlelit vigil to mourn the 21 martyrs, in Washington, DC, Feb. 18, 2015.

In one of many vigils held around the world, Copts in Washington, DC carry candles and display the names of the 21 martyrs massacred in Libya.

The martyrdom of the 21 has united Copts around the world. 

To make sure the bereaved families get the assistance they need, I wanted to share the many online channels by which you can show support:

Coptic Orthodox Church Centre UK
The Coptic Orthodox Diocese of New England and New York
The Good Samaritan
Santa Verena Charity
Coptic Orphans

Also, this Coptic archdiocese is delivering aid:

Archdiocese of North America
P.O. Box 373
Cedar Grove, NJ 07009

Another charity working in areas of need including healthcare, economic support, and social development in Egypt is St Marks Universal Coptic Care.

It is so heartening to see our community pull together and honor Isaiah’s words: “Bring justice to the orphan; plead the widow’s cause.”

Thank you for your prayers and support for the families.

Note: We’ve done our best to make this list as comprehensive as possible. If an appeal is missing, please send the link to We’ll do our best to make sure this blog post is updated to reflect additional efforts to aid the families of the 21.