How to Protect Your Child from Sexual Abuse

Dr. Neveen Waheeb, PhD in Educational Psychology, Sub-specialty: Mental Health

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The webinar is presented in Arabic by Coptic Orphans Training and Development Manager Neveen Waheeb, PhD.

Dr. Waheeb has developed training materials on hundreds of important subjects related to child protection, including 2018 Coptic Orphans trainings on this topic in Egypt. In this presentation, she addresses the crime of child sexual abuse, and offers concrete ways you can protect your own family.

Dr. Waheeb will explain 5 important steps children can take to protect themselves:

  • risk realization/identification
  • ways of resisting/confronting the abuser
  • escaping from places that empower the abuser
  • sharing what happened with a trustworthy person
  • consulting people with special expertise to get help

We are grateful for your interest in this important issue, because so much is at stake not only for the Coptic community, but also for our own children!

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