Serve to Learn

Serve to Learn is a unique opportunity to volunteer in Egypt for three weeks, build loving bonds with children there, serve people in their homes as Christ served, get to know the real Egypt, and be part of a close-knit team that teaches kids English and a love of education.



Dates for January Serve to Learn trip are Jan 19 – Feb 9


Application deadlines for January 2019 trip is Nov 1. The deadline for the Jun/Jul trip is April 1st.


Click here for a detailed Q&A regarding Serve to Learn! If you are interested in learning more about upcoming trips, click here.


Applications for the 2019 trip are available here.

Program Impact

17 Years of Serve to Learn trips to Egypt

6,610 children have been served by volunteers

326 youths have traveled to Egypt to serve

What is serve to learn?

You can change the life of a child! As a Serve to Learn volunteer, you’ll spend three weeks in the heart of Egypt putting your love for children to work by teaching them basic English skills through fun activities. You’ll get to know the real Egypt and its people. And you’ll experience serving people as Christ served, in their homes. You’ll be hosted by the Coptic diocese at one of Serve to Learn’s sites in simple villages along the Nile.


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Who can join?

Any person with a love for serving children who is prepared for an intense and immersive experience can come and put their love for God and Hischildren to work. Volunteers must be 17 years or older. You do not need a background in teaching or fluency in Arabic.


Where do we go?

Serve to Learn focuses on serving rural villages in Upper Egypt. As a Serve to Learn volunteer, you will be hosted by the local bishop in a  monesatry, church house, or diocese service building.


Are There Different Types of Trips?

Through the grace of God, Serve to Learn has grown in scope and focus. Along with the two summer dates, we are offering two different service trips, each with a distinct focus.


Serve to Learn: Educate and Empower

Volunteers serve fatherless children in classrooms by teaching English and through creative workshops that aim to empower the local  community to deal with social issues common in poverty-stricken communities in Egypt.

Serve to Learn: CMANA Health Education

In partnership with CMANA (Coptic Medical Association of North America), volunteers raise awareness about health education in local communities by leading classes focusing on topics such as nutrition, hygiene, and public health. Applications for the Health Education trip will be processed by CMANA.


Please select your country of residence to pay the Serve to Learn: Educate and Empower application or program fees: