Be’daya (in Arabic, “with my own hands”) uses microfinance to unlock the talents of widowed mothers in many of Egypt’s poorest villages, building their self-worth as they start a business and work towards financial independence for their family.

Program Impact

46 Not Alone mothers are active recipients of B’edaya loans

296 widows have recEived B’edaya loans since 2010

99% repayment rate of B’edaya loans

The goal of Be’daya is to provide loans that allow each mother to harness her own inner drive and abilities, and in the process, be transformed from a helpless, house-bound widow into a self-sufficient businesswoman who is a role model for her children, an asset to her community, and of worth to herself.

Egypt’s widows are often severely restricted by traditions. Often they can’t leave their house to work – even if their children are hungry. Be’daya is a microfinance initiative tailored to handle exactly these hostile conditions, especially in the poorest, most remote villages. Using donations from generous supporters like you, Be’daya tailors small loans for mothers of kids in Coptic Orphans’ Not Alone program, allowing them to start a business in anything from animal husbandry to selling groceries.

The mothers receive coaching and workshops to make sure they have the best chance to succeed. The aim is to give them the tools to earn an income, feel their own self-worth, and feed and be a role model to their family.

By God’s grace, and with your support, Coptic Orphans’ Be’daya initiative can continue providing microfinance loans and coaching for Egypt’s brilliant, brave, entrepreneurial mothers!

You generous gift today can help a widow in one of Egypt’s most poverty-stricken villages to reclaim her dignity while moving her family towards financial independence.

Thank you for giving today so that these mothers have opportunities to realize their families’ dreams and their own self-worth!