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COVID-19 has placed a tremendous burden our children’s education, forcing schools everywhere to close, and sending teachers and parents scrambling to adapt to online learning.

Thank God, during this incredibly hard time, Coptic Orphans donors and sponsors have generously lifted up the young people in Egypt.

Although Egypt’s elementary schools and high schools have reopened, the Ministry of Education has decreed that all universities should make the transition to online learning. This is a difficult change for nearly any student, but it can be impossible for those who are too poor to afford a computer.

Many Coptic Orphans children currently enrolled in university – 404 students in all – faced this critical dilemma. They had worked so hard to climb to the pinnacle of Egyptian education, but they were in danger of falling behind through no fault of their own. Something needed to be done.

Fortunately, we are blessed to be part a community of undying generosity. Coptic Orphans sent out word that these children were in desperate need of laptop computers, and people responded with tremendous kindness.

Within a matter of weeks, people donated enough money to purchase laptops for all 404 youths. The students have already started receiving their new computers, and they are overjoyed.

“I never thought that I would one day own a laptop with so many useful features,” said Mariam, a second-year student in the Faculty of Fine Arts, Assiut University.

“Even If I kept saving money all my life, I would never have been able to buy this laptop. Thank you!” said Michael, a second-year student at the Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology, Alexandria University.

With God, all things are possible, and when we pull together as One Body in Christ, the results can be truly amazing. Thank you to everyone who helped bring about this wonderful support for the young people in Coptic Orphans!