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Dear Friends,

Today is the big day in Reston, Virginia… Coptic Orphans is celebrating 25 years of work for the love of the children of Egypt! Come be a part of the Gala!

I look forward to seeing you this evening in Reston… and afterwards, if you can walk, swim or fly to the Australia Gala in Lilyfield on Nov. 9, so much the better!

As part of this celebration, I’m sharing a video of images of this last quarter-century’s worth of work. There are certainly many more photographs that deserved to be included, so look for a longer video when Coptic Orphans’ 50th Anniversary rolls around.

This video is called “25 Years, 25 Images of Egypt,” and it contains some amazing photography of our beautiful motherland and our brothers and sisters. Among the people you’ll see are our wonderful Church-based volunteers, the “Reps,” as well as the strong mothers of Egypt, their vibrant children, and our beloved clergy.


Heartfelt thanks to everyone who has, by the grace of God, been part of empowering 30,000 children in these 25 years. So many you have been so generous and have shown an amazing spirit of volunteerism! And a special thanks to the people who took these photos, for playing such an important role in telling the children’s stories.

To learn more about the 25th Anniversary celebrations, please visit our Gala page. Love to see you there tonight, and on Nov. 9!

PS Did you see either of the two videos of His Holiness speaking at the Coptic Orphans Gala in Canada on Sept. 28? He says incredible things about serving the children, especially through service trips to Egypt. We are so grateful and blessed that His Holiness came to the event!