Bishop Samuel Endowment

A Life of Achievements, a Legacy of Service

The Bishop Samuel Endowment funds scholarships that cover higher education expenses for some of the best and brightest students in our program. This endowment was named after the late Bishop Samuel, who departed from this earth in October 1981, after a life of great accomplishments for the Coptic Church in Egypt and around the world.

First and foremost, Bishop Samuel helped lead the Sunday School movement that revitalized the Church in Egypt.

Born in 1920 as Saad Aziz, he forsook his law career and was consecrated in 1944 to serve the underprivileged and poor. In 1948, he became a monk with the name Fr. Makary El Suriany. In doing so, he became the first university graduate to choose the monastic life, inspiring many others to follow in the Coptic revival of monasticism.

His participation in the second general Assembly of the World Council of Churches in 1954 helped end the 1,500-year isolation of the Coptic Church that began with the Council of Chalcedon. As a World Council of Churches leader, he brought millions of dollars to projects that enriched lives in Egypt.

He was the secretary of Pope Kyrollos VI,  and his 1962 ordination as “General Bishop of Social and Ecumenical Services” made him the first head of a new bishopric with no geographical boundaries.

He established the Diakonia Program to serve areas without priests, and he set up services for the needy nationwide called “The Brothers of the Lord.” Instead of giving handouts, he created programs that trained people to be self-sufficient. In the 1960s, he set up U.S. Coptic centers that were the seeds of future Coptic churches.

With the blessing of Pope Kyrollos VI, Bishop Samuel pioneered the establishment of the first churches in North America, Australia, and Europe.

H.G. Bishop Samuel considered himself a mere servant of God and the people, fulfilling the Biblical verses, “I was hungry and you gave Me food; I was thirsty and you gave Me drink; I was a stranger and you took Me in; I was naked and you clothed Me….”  (Matt. 25:35, 36)

It befits the memory of this great man—a pioneer, a visionary, and a warrior for Christ—to establish a fund in his name that helps the needy in Egypt achieve dignity and self-sufficiency for years to come.

You can help carry on Bishop Samuel’s legacy. The Bishop Samuel Endowment will use your donation to ensure that this great Church leader’s vision lives on. Your generous gift will support university scholarships for students who show leadership and commitment to Egypt and the Church.

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