Working at Coptic Orphans


What should I consider when applying to a position at Coptic Orphans?

Coptic Orphans is a faith-based organization committed to excellence. We are looking for candidates who are both qualified in their field of expertise and have an active spiritual life. We encourage all candidates to learn more about the organization, its mission and history, as well as our core values and code of conduct.

I am not Coptic, Can I still apply?

Yes, of course! We welcome people of all backgrounds and skill sets and encourage applicants to apply to positions where they feel they will have the opportunity to shine and contribute to the mission of Coptic Orphans.

How do I apply?

We ask all interested candidates to please submit an application online. You can browse open positions on our employment opportunities page. Select the position(s) you are interested in, complete the application and press submit. That is all!

How does the hiring process work?

Every application is reviewed carefully after submission. Should we find a close match between your professional profile and the needs of the position, we will reach out to request more information, usually through a preliminary interview or screening.

When should I expect to hear from a recruiter after I have completed my application?

Candidates who submit an application will receive a notification (thank you email) from the system confirming receipt. Coptic Orphans receives many applications every day, and we are committed to thoroughly evaluating each one. Because of that, response times vary, and in some cases you may not receive a response for several weeks. We appreciate your patience as we review your candidacy. Should you be contacted for an initial screening or interview, but are not thereafter selected for the position, you will be notified by an email from our Human Resources department.

Does Coptic Orphans ever contact my references?

Yes, we do require at least three references. We only contact references when you are being selected for a position.

Are all jobs located in Fairfax, Virginia?

No. Fairfax, Virginia is where our headquarters are located. However, Coptic Orphans has offices in Cairo, Montreal, and Sydney. Each position includes its work location.

Can I work remotely?

Our work environment is a dynamic, inspiring and exhilirating place where our team members get to work on exciting project every day. Much the synergy that takes place takes place as a result of face-to-face interactions. Hence, we do not offer remote working opportunities.

Do you accommodate remote interviews for out-of-state/country applicants?

Yes. Should you be contacted for an interview but are unable to travel to our office due to extensive distance, do notify our Human Resources manager and they will be able to accommodate a video interview over Microsoft Teams.

Do you offer relocation assistance or reimbursement?

No, unfortunately, we do not at this time.

Will I get to travel?

Most employees have an opportunity to travel at some point during their tenure with Coptic Orphans, either for field visits, special events, or annual consultations. We’ve also begun a rotation program to help our employees learn more about what their counterparts do at other regional offices.